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A list item contains: Genus and species name [CODE] of trap type suitable for catching this pest insect


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After the species names abbreviations give recommended trap designs which were optimized for capture of the given species. RAG = sticky delta trap (with changeable sticky sheets); PAL; PALs, PALz, PALf = sticky cloak trap; VARL; VARb3; VARs+ = funnel traps (non-sticky; high catching capacity; in selected pests suitable for control through mass trapping); KLP+ = "hat" trap; Yf = click beetle trap (plastic trap body product of RO-SA Micromecanica, Italy); TAL = pitfall trap (for crawling insects); SZs, SZINb = coloured sticky sheets (no pheromone). A "+" sign after trap codes (i.e. VARs+; KLP+, etc.) indicates that for the given species captures are higher when insects caught are killed in the catch container.


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apple, pearspeaches, apricotsplumscherriescurrant, gooseberry and other berriesvarious orchard pests

primary pests of grapesornamentals greenhouse culturesvegetable crops and cereals

alfalfa stored productsforestry

attractants for beneficial insects


apple, pears

Adoxophyes orana [RAG]

Cydia pomonella [RAG]

Cydia pomonella BISEX [RAG]

Cydia pyrivora [RAG]

Leucoptera scitella [RAG]

Lithocolletis blancardella [RAG]

Synanthedon myopaeformis [RAG, VARs+]

Synanthedon myopaeformis BISEX [RAG]


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peaches, apricots

Anarsia lineatella [RAG]

Cacopsylla pruni [SZf/10]

Cetonia a. aurata [VARb3k]

Grapholita molesta [RAG]

Potosia cuprea [VARb3k]


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Grapholita funebrana [RAG]

Hoplocampa spp. [PALf] (white sticky sheets, no bait)


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Rhagoletis cerasi [PALz]

Rhagoletis cingulata [PALz]


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currant, gooseberry and other berries

Abraxas grossulariata [RAG]

Rhagoletis batava [PALz]

Synanthedon tipuliformis [RAG; VARs+]

Synanthedon vespiformis [RAG, VARL+]

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various orchard pests

Anomala dubia [VARb3]

Archips podana [RAG]

Argyrotaenia pulchellana [RAG]

Archips rosana [RAG]

Cossus cossus [VARb3]

Ceratitis capitata males [VARs+]

Cydia splendana [RAG]

Cydia splendana BISEX [RAG]

Drosophhila suzukii[VARL]

Enarmonia formosana [RAG]

Epicometis (Tropinota) hirta [VARb3k]

Grapholita janthinana [RAG]

Grapholita lobarzewski [RAG]

Hedya nubiferana [RAG]

Hedya nubiferana BISEX [RAG]

Hoplocampa spp. [PALf] (white sticky sheets, no bait)

Lithocolletis corylifoliella [RAG]

Lynoetia clerckella [RAG]

Nepticula (Stigmella) malella [RAG]

Operophtera brumata [RAG, VARL]

Oxythyrea cinctella [VARb3z]

Oxythyrea funesta [VARb3z]

Pandemis heparana [RAG]

Perileucoptera (Leucoptera) coffeella [RAG]

Prays citri [RAG, VARL+]

Prays oleae [RAG, VARL+]

Rhagoletis completa [PALz]

Recurvaria leucatella [RAG]

Recurvaria nanella [RAG]

Spilonota ocellana [RAG]

Swammerdamia pyrella [RAG]

Tropinota squalida [VARb3k]

Xyleborus dispar [PALX]

Zeuzera pyrina [VARb3]


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primary pests of grapes

Anomala solida [VARb3]

Anomala vitis / A. dubia [VARb3]

Clysia ambiguella [RAG]

Drepanothrips reuteri [SZz, PALz] (fluorescent sticky sheets, no bait)

Lobesia botrana [RAG]

Peribatodes rhomboidaria [RAG, VARL+]

Scaphoideus titanus[SZz, SZs]

Sparganothis pilleriana [RAG]

Theresimima (Ino) ampelophaga [RAG, VARL+]

Vespa spp. (V. germanica, V. vulgaris, V. crabro) [VARL; addition of natural bait liquid (i.e. beer & orange juice mixture) by user necessary]


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Cameraria ochridella [RAG, VARL+]

Cacoecimorpha pronubana [RAG]

Cydalima perspectalis [VARL]

Dasineura gleditchiae [RAG]

Pexicopia malvella [RAG]



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greenhouse cultures

Cacoecimorpha pronubana [RAG]

Frankliniella occidentalis & Trialeurodes vaporariorum (same trap; yellow/blue coloured sticky sheets) [SZINb]



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vegetable crops and cereals

Agriotes spp.-Wireworm bait trap [WW/10]

Agriotes brevis [Yf]

Agriotes lineatus [Yf]

Agriotes litigiosus [Yf]

Agriotes obscurus [Yf]

Agriotes obscurus & A. lineatus trap w. combined bait [Yf]

Agriotes proximus [Yf]

Agriotes rufipalpis [Yf]

Agriotes sordidus [Yf]

Agriotes sputator [Yf]

Agriotes ustulatus males only [VARb3] trap with pheromone only

Agriotes ustulatus bisexual trap[VARb3]

Agrotis exclamationis [RAG, VARL+]

Agrotis ipsilon [RAG]

Agrotis segetum [RAG, VARL+]

Amathes c-nigrum [RAG, VARL+]

Aphelia paleana [RAG]

Autographa gamma [RAG, VARL+]

Bothynoderes (Cleonus) punctiventris [TAL]

Ceutorhynchus assimilis, C. quadridens, C. napi [KLP+]

Conorrhynchus (Cleonus) mendicus [TAL]

Cnephasia pumicana [RAG]

Cydia nigricana [RAG]

Dasineura brassicae [RAG]

Delia radicum [KLP+]

Diabrotica barberi [KLP+]

Diabrotica speciosa [KLP+]

Diabrotica v. virgifera males only [PAL]

Diabrotica v. virgifera males only [KLPfero+]

Diabrotica v. virgifera females mainly [PALs]

Diabrotica v. virgifera females mainly [KLPflor+]

Discestra trifolii [RAG]

Etiella zinckenella [RAG]

Evergestis extimalis [VARL+]

Helicoverpa armigera [RAG, VARL+]

Homoeosoma nebulellum [RAG]

Mamestra brassicae [VARL+]

Mamestra oleracea [RAG, VARL+]

Mamestra suasa [RAG]

Meligethes aeneus [VARb3z+]

Mythimna (Pseudaletia) unipuncta [VARL+]

Ostrinia nubilalis BISEX [VARL+]

Phthorimaea operculella [RAG]

Phyllotreta spp. [KLP+]

Plutella maculipennis [RAG]

Scrobipalpa ocellatella [RAG]

Spodoptera exigua [VARL+]

Spodoptera frugiperda [VARL+]

Spodoptera littoralis [VARL+]

Strauzia longipennis [PALz]

Tuta absoluta [RAG]


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Chiasma clathrata [RAG]

Plagionotus floralis [VARb3z]

Tephrina arenacearia [RAG]


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stored products

Ephestia (Anagasta) kuehniella [VARL, RAG]; same bait attracts also P. interpunctella.

Nemapogon granellus [RAG]

Plodia interpunctella [VARL, RAG]; same bait attracts also A. kuehniella

Sitotroga cerealella [RAG, VARL+]


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Aegeria apiformis [VARL+]

Agrilus spp. (incl. A planipennis) [MULTz]

Agrotis crassa [RAG]

Aleimna loeflingiana [RAG]

Colotois pennaria [RAG, VARL]

Diurnea phryganella [RAG]

Erannis aurantiaria [RAG, VARL+]

Erannis leucophaearia [RAG, VARL+]

Erannis marginaria [RAG, VARL+]

Evetria buoliana [RAG]

Lymantria dispar [RAG, VARs+]

Operophtera brumata [RAG, VARL]

Orthosia cruda [RAG, VARL+]

Orthosia gothica [RAG]

Orthosia incerta [RAG]

Orthosia munda [RAG]

Orthosia stabilis [RAG, VARL+]

Panolis flammea [RAG]

Paranthrene tabaniformis [RAG, VARL+]

Petrova resinella [RAG]

Tortricodes tortricella [RAG]

Tortrix viridana [RAG]


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attractants for beneficial insects
Chrysoperla carnea species group [CHRegg]

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Please ask for a price quote for your actual order! Pheromone baits are prepared fresh, on order. Minimal order is 2 traps per species, unless otherwise indicated (package containing 2 traps, 2 baits and all accessories necessary for operation for about 4-6 weeks in the field, plus detailed advisory material on assemblage & use of traps and specific information concerning the target species in English or Hungarian). Baits only (without traps) can also be ordered. We do not recommend replacing baits in sticky delta (RAG) or sticky cloak (PAL, PALs, PALz) traps (which had already been operated in the field) for fear of cross-contamination with pheromone traces. In case of non-sticky trap desings be sure to use only baits of the SAME species when replacing baits!