Plant Protection Institute

Centre for Agricultural Research

Dr. Sándor Koczor, Dr. Miklós Tóth, Dr. Zoltán Imrei



Budapest, Pf. 102, H-1525, HUNGARY  


phone: + 36 (1) 39-18-637

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Please ask for a price quote for your actual order! Pheromone baits are prepared fresh, on order. Minimal order is 2 traps per species, unless otherwise indicated (package containing 2 traps, 2 baits and all accessories necessary for operation for about 4-6 weeks in the field, plus detailed advisory material on assemblage & use of traps and specific information concerning the target species in English or Hungarian). Baits only (without traps) can also be ordered. We do not reccommend replacing baits in sticky delta (RAG) or sticky cloak (PAL, PALs, PALz) traps (which had already been operated in the field) for fear of cross-contamination with pheromone traces. In case of non-sticky trap desings be sure to use only baits of the same species when replacing baits!